Optimax Kenya Ltd is a Freight Clearing and Forwarding Company located in Nairobi Kenya servicing a wide range of clients in the region.  It is a leading provider of logistics solutions, employing best practices developed over years of service. Our integrity is renown and our passion legendary. We are delighted in providing quality service in our field of operations.

Optimax Kenya Ltd started out as Jasho Agencies Ltd in 2012. The directors were Mr Nemesyus Warugongo and Mr Stanley Maina in 2012. On 7th August 2015, Jasho Agencies Ltd changed its name to Optimax Kenya Ltd giving the new outfit a fresh new start with focus on the future.  The company has over the years built a reputable business model with the client at the centre.

We have undergone various clearing courses including Trade X, Orbus, Valuation, East AfricaCustoms and Freight Forwarders Practicing Certificate Courses to be up to date with best industry practice.